Guest speakers

We are hiring trainers for various IT topics (programming, cloud systems, securtity, app development, user experience, cryptography etc.) who deliver live online trainings using our system.

We are hiring! 

Share your knowledge of something exciting with our community in a few hours! 

Show your favorite topic or knowledge, be it Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin or whatever you think is interesting for others!



Who are we?








NetAcademia Trainingcentre is the first live streaming, online training school established in Central Europe.

Our mission is to deliver the best online training program for everybody around the world, no matter where or when that person seeks for new information.

With our chat system, both students and trainers have a way to ask questions.

Independent course design

Excercises are in the focus

No PPT or bullshitting. Show everything in the right platform, where it belongs.

Video recording

Flexible timing

Things to know about us

Morning or night time? You will have students no matter what.

It is easier to get your message across if you have the chance to design your own course.


Live streaming

Have you ever talked through Skype? It’s similar, but you have hundreds as your audience.

We record our courses, so even if someone cannot attend, it is possible to watch everything back later. No one is left behind.

We will provide training in all aspects of online education. It is not the same as a classroom, it is a lot better! You can find the key elements below:

The best is if you try it yourself, as a student. That is why we established an exclusive and free training course for our prospective educators. Taking this course will help you understand our philosophy and you will find answers for your questions.

Guest speakers

Traditional classrooms will disappear from adult education within the next 10 years. Take action now, learn about the future of education. 

Don't let trends leave you behind, be the trendsetter with us!


Share your knowledge with others. Show your passion in your speciality and open new ways for others to fullfill their dreams.