The Secrets of Effective Education

“Tell me, and I will forget.

 Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius (B.C. 551-479)

Netacademia Training Center has been the market leader of IT education for the last 20 years in Hungary. Recently, we've changed  our  business profile and on the example of famous interactive content sharing websites, we live broadcast our courses to our students.

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Following our success in Hungary, we moved to the international playground. Our vision is to revolutionize the online education system, and provide interactivity and efficiency while teaching. Our courses are live streamed to the internet, so students can ask questions and the teacher can respond to them immediately.

Just because you can talk hours about a certain topic, people will not understand it better or learn something from you. There are things most of us can’t learn just by listening. For some, it’s not possible.

The reason for this is that the trainer’s brain has already gone through changes by learning, and the students, who have not, will be unable to process the information that they are supposed to.

The mistake of the expert

The "work together" approach

The key to realizing practical education is that the trainer and the students have to work together on a project

  •  Build an Active Directory  
  •  Program a webshop 
  •  Retouch a photo 
  •  Bake a milk-loaf 

The trainer leads while the students follow.

Against boredom

A hunter is hidden in each and every one of us. The nervous system of the hunter evolved to track movement. What doesn’t move is dead prey.

If we neglect this fact, students will not learn anything from the trainer because they will be bored to sleep.

Humans are predatory animals

Rule #1: don’t use PowerPoint! (But what then?)

Using a slideshow is a waste of your time. So we won’t waste it.

Powerpoint = static image (however you animate)

Static imagine = boredom

Boredom = Flight or sleep

Simple mathematics class: 0 viewers

“Moving point” mathematics class: 1 million viewers

The four rules of successful education

Rule #2: don’t use PowerPoint for illustration!

Draw it yourself, live! With Paint, Zoomit or Notepad.

It doesn’t matter that it’s ugly, the point is that it moves.

Basic theoretical presentation: 0 viewers

Same thing animated: 15 million viewers

Proper contexts:

  • IP address in Command Prompt
  • C# code is Visual Studio
  • SQL script in SQL Management Studio
  • Web design in web editor
  • Photo in Photoshop
  • Cake in the fridge

Rule #3: don’t use PowerPoint even with theoretical subjects!

When you lift an IP address out of its proper context and you put it on an empty slide, you work against the effectiveness of studying.

All factual material that’s up in the air is just up in the air. Do not leave it up there! Make sure it has it proper context, and everyone will be happier.

Rule #4: don’t use PowerPoint for presentation outlines!

The secret of good education is that the trainer passes on his or her knowledge to the students through practical training. This is done right next to the workbench, demonstrating the ins and outs of the profession live.

And that’s it. Everything else is a waste of time, a bore and empty slogans.

If there so many things we don’t use a presentation application for, we are ready for an advanced step: don’t use it for anything!

Don’t use Powerpoint as a course outline because you might end up projecting it! Leave your outline in the prompt box, and you have Notepad for that.

  • Present EliteWrap with EliteWrap’s website
  • Present NetCat with NetCat’s website
  • Demonstrate using NetCat with NetCat

It would’ve been a much worse solution to have a slide listing EliteWrap and NetCat with their command prompt attributes.

“Education requires a person. You. If you have something to say, you don’t need slides. If you don’t have something to say, slides won’t help.”

Marcell Fóti

founder of NetAcademia